Cygwin is a port of the GNU development environment to 32 bit Windows (Windows 95/98/ME and Windows NT/2000/XP), and runs fine in 64 bits too. As such, it provides as near to Posix like environment as is possible in Windows. There are a few hints needed to get Ecolab compiled and running under Cygwin.

Eco Lab must be used under X11 on Cygwin. To start the X11 server, type “startx” at the Cygwin console. X11 programs run under this server appear to be running natively under Windows -- its quite neat!

Once the X server has started, it will pop another shell window from which you can run Xwindows programs. cd to the models directory, and run the example ecolab script as ./ecolab ecolab.tcl. The #! mechanism does not work with Cygwin!